Friday, March 13, 2009


Just a quickie to let anyone reading this know I'm on twitter. Going to try to keep it up and post occasionally there too. It's just finding the time :-)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Comment on Troid's email to me....

Troid, the person who emailed me the post under this is right. On all accounts. I can't tell you how many times I've seen major reno's being done with hopes that they take the few thousand it takes to put in a disabled door and then have my hopes dashed.

Concerning the dumping of snow in disabled parking spots..... to me it's the same as the City of Toronto shoving snow on the ramps. These past two years have been a nightmare for anyone in a mobility device due to all the snow. First we can't get out due to the huge amounts of snow and then finally when it stops 3 days later, the City comes by and shoves it off the roads so the cars have a clear lane to drive in and they dump it on the ramps that we need to access.

Needless to say, we end up shut in or cancelling important appointments or even missing days of work because the City has utterly destroyed our only avenue out. I made a flip remark to Troid in email about maybe we, that are in mobility devices, should have to be licensed so possibly we can get a bit of the respect we deserve too. I have a job to do, I have groceries to get, I have banking to do. It would be really nice if the City thought of me as well.

Removed snow placed in disabled parking spots*

I received this email and I've decided to place it on here because it's important. Here it is:

January 29, 2009 I tried to park at the one disabled parking spot at the Royal York/Bloor Rogers Video store. Their snow removal contractor thought it was a good idea to place the snow into the ONE disabled parking spot; Rogers had obviously no issue with this.

In February 2009 I went to the Don Mills/Lawrence E. Shoppers Drug Mart and ran into the same issue,snow in disabled spots. Cineplex OdeonQueensway/Kipling two winters ago placed removed snow into disabled spots,GM blamed contractor being new? Additional access grief: Metro at Lawrence/Bathurst has poles blocking access to those with walkers, or wheelchairs. Disabled using such assisted devices have to stand outside the Metro, stare through the glass in hopes that an employee will see them, pull up the pole to let them in to shop. Elderly, disabled live within walking distance to this Metro,thus they continue to use it.

Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 [AODA] is going to need 20 years to before it's enforceable for all who do not comply. WHY would there not be an immediate requirement for compliance with large organizations like the ones noted? It isn't a financial burden when you're a large corporation who probably spends money to clean and maintain/upgrade their facilities so customers have a good user experience, don't slip and fall, Et cetera. Rebranding from Dominion to Metro in Ontario wasn't without cost. Even The city of Toronto [periodically] fines those who don't remove snow from the side walk in front of their property.

Back....... maybe :-)

Well, someone contacted me via email asking me to set up on twitter so I did. So you can follow me at Now, this is no promise to continue to write blurbs and such as I'm pretty busy these days however I'll try. In the meantime, I decided to check this out again and see what's new. Not much. lol Possibly I should try to get this blog out more. Seems I never get the chance to play on the computer any more though with all I do and some of my health issues annoying me these days.