Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Canada's Private Broadcasters can't hire Canadians???

ok, I am so sick and tired of seeing this commercial. It's for hiring the disabled and it's brought to you by "Canada's Private Braodcasters". I'm sure you've seen this commercial. First person the camera pans is Pascal Rebreau, a chef who uses a walker. Next is Evelyne Gounetenzi, a project manager who is deaf. Next is Luca "Lazy legs" Patuelli who is a B-Boy, on crutches and last you see Kaye Leslie, a human resource specialist who is blind.

After these 4 people you see a blank screen with the words:
We are all able.........
Open your mind.....

Brought to you by Canada's Private Broadcasters.

Now why does this bug the hell out of me? Because Luca "Lazy Legs" Patuelli, the B-Boy is NOT CANADIAN!! He is from New York. How do I know this? Easy.... because the first year of the American TV series "America has Talent", Luca "Lazy Legs" Patuelli, the B-Boy, was a contestant dancing with 2 or 3 friends!!!

So, if Canada's Private Broadcasters want you to hire disabled, wouldn't one think they can hire a damn Canadian for their commercials?? Wonder if the others are Canadians???

Drives me crazy.


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