Sunday, March 15, 2009

Canada Blooms - fails again.......

For the past few years I have been interested in going to Canada Blooms. I'm an avid balcony gardener from flowers to veggies. Problem is, Canada Blooms not only has no discount for the disabled (this year they have a whole $2 discount for seniors) but again not all the displays are accessible! So, disabled pay the same as anyone else however we can't participate in it all. Here is the letter I sent them.


I'm looking for info on the following:

1) Is the building wheelchair accessible?
2) Is there a senior/disabled discount?
3) Are all the displays, programs, tours, feature gardens, photo gallery, speakers, demos & talks and special events disabled accessible? In other words, is everything wheelchair accessible? And with proper turning ratio?


and here is their response to me:

Hi Vickie,

The MTCC is fully wheelchair accessible and Canada Blooms strives to do the same for our feature gardens. However, it is not always possible to provide wheelchair access for all of the gardens depending on their size, floral arrangement and other factors.

Senior tickets at the door are $16, regular admission is $18.


So again, there is no discount for disabled and a whole $2 discount now for seniors. They also didn't answer if there is proper turning radius for wheelchairs. And last but not least, they believe it's impossible pretty much to make everything accessible. After I got this email from them I emailed back this:

So then, everything is not accessible for the disabled but there's no discount. As well, maybe it's time Canada Blooms hires someone disabled to help plan the gardens. If you are charging full price I should be able to do and see everything anyone else does for the same amount of money.

I'll be blogging about this on my website for the disabled blog. I was sincerely hoping that Canada Blooms would do better this year.




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