Saturday, June 24, 2006

What the hell is the matter with people?

I originally blogged this on my person blog on June 15th, 2006.

I don't get it, I just don't get today's society. I do a lot of volunteer work and right now my hands are full with community events. So this evening (Wed.) I was going around floor to floor in our building with 2 different flyers per floor for 2 different upcoming events. There's 30 floors in this building plus I had more to put out in other common areas. So I take my mom with me who also likes to do her part in her community.

Before doing the flyers though I decided that I'm going to zip across the street to our community centre to see if they need a hand. We also have another event going this evening, a Gay Pride event. A huge bbq. So off we go and I get into the community centre and I park my scooter (remember I'm disabled) beside the wall in a large hallway. Directly behind my scooter my mom parked her scooter directly behind mine. (it's a genetic thing) I got up and with my cane walked into the room directly across from me, spoke to the person to see if she needed help but everything was under control. Then gave her a message about a meeting on Thursday evening and I left.

I got out the door, talked to a couple of guys I know and then went and sat down on my scooter. Something was wrong. MY PURSE WAS GONE. It was tucked away up under my freaking seat and my mom was directly behind my f*cking scooter and some bastard still managed to steal it!
Talk about pissing you off. I lost my driver's license, my OHIP, my disabled parking permit, my VISA, my mom's convenience card since I do her banking a lot, my airmiles card, my library card and my hospital card. Nice eh?

I also lost my agenda, my health information and my notebook. And last but not least, I lost my glucometer (there's $50), my nitroglycerin, my diabetes medication and a half dozen or so of these green pills. So now I'm zooming around looking in any and all garbage cans to see if they tossed it in the nearest one. A friend went into the ladies room at the community centre and checked the garbage there and sent her son in to look in the men's room. Nothing. I even went in back behind businesses in the dark and disgustingly stinky places where there were dumpsters to look as well as I could. Still nothing.

After about 20 minutes of this I went home and called the police to put in a report. Then I called C.I.B.C. Visa to cancel my card. One of the most annoying things because I've had that card for 32 years and have the number memorized. And don't I get the twit from hell on the phone who knows nothing. She did manage to cancel the card but when I asked her a question she doesn't know and puts me on hold for 10 minutes while she goes and asks someone. In the meantime I'm waiting for the cops to call......

Finally this twit comes back only to announce she is going to put me on hold yet again!! I told her no, I'm waiting for the police to call and I tell her I'll get the answer some other time and I hang up. I check for messages and yup, a cop called and left a message that he'll call back in about 5 minutes. I wait...... the phone rings..... holy shit it's the twit from Visa again! I tell her I'm still waiting for the cops to call because I missed them while she had me on hold so what does she do? She starts to yak away to me! I yell at her that I don't care and I'll get the answer another time and I hang up the phone.

I listen for messages and of course, the cop called back while the twit called me back and this time he leaves a snotty message. Now I have to start with the cops all over again cause that was all he was trying. Twice. When I called back I explained why he got my answering machine and the cop I was put through to was very nice about it. Thankfully it wasn't the snotty guy.
With all that done and said I still had to get out to post those flyers since now I definitely don't have tomorrow to do it since I'll be spending the day in gov't offices getting new everythings. I'm going to have to put off a doctor appt too until Saturday at this rate. I was suppose to go Thursday. I finally got home after 11 pm.

After all this I have two things to say. I guess there is some truth in "no good deed goes unpunished". And..... I hope that little prick, be it male or female that stole my purse digs enough to find my medications. That nice pink spray bottle of nitroglycerin that I'm hoping they take a few really long hard puffs on and it lands them in the hospital flat on their ass. And then there's my diabetes medication. There's a few of them in there, maybe they'll swallow them and their blood sugars will plunge till they drop. And last but not least, those little green pills. They are the generic equivelent of imodium! There were probably 6 or 8 in a little pill container (not in a box so there's no way they'll know what they are). Let's hope they swallowed those too!!!
If so they'll be found flat on their back gasping for air as their heart races from the nitro that they shouldn't have taken...... and their eyes are rolling in their head from the blood sugar plunge and their bunghole is so plugged up from all those imodium that they won't shit for a week of Sundays........ Yes sir Officer, that's him!!!


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